Brake Service & Repair

Brake Repair

Just like changing your motor oil to ensure that your engine performs well, changing the fluid for your car’s brakes will help the braking system to perform optimally. Like other fluids in your vehicle, over time the brake fluid becomes old and worn or gets contaminated with bits and pieces of the vehicle’s braking system. Also, when moisture gets into the braking system this causes rust which leads to more bits and pieces getting into the brake fluid. At Autotex our certified mechanics will professionally flush your brakes to give you the confidence to head out on the road.

Brake Services

Just as important as the ability of your vehicle to get you moving is the ability of the vehicle to bring you to a safe stop, whether under normal or emergency conditions. Different components comprise the braking system such as the brake lines, rotors, fluid, calipers and sensors. Trust the well-trained and experienced auto mechanics at Autotex in Mississauga to inspect and service your vehicle’s entire braking system. Autotex will ensure that you can operate your vehicle safely and comfortably on the road.