Fluid Flush Services

Power Steering Flushes

Often overlooked, the power steering on modern motor vehicles helps us to make low speed turns effortlessly. Without this system, we would require much larger steering wheels and very strong arms to maneuver our vehicles in tight spots. Over time, components in the power steering system wear out and contaminate the power steering fluid with rubber and metal elements which can end up wearing out the pump and gear that are vital to making the system work. Our mechanics at Autotex will help to identify the need for a power steering flush and take the guesswork out of the procedure to keep your wheels turning.

Transmission Flushes

The transmission is one of the most important and an expensive component of a motor vehicle, as it is an integral part of the processes to get the power from the engine to turn the wheels. The transmission fluid is vital to the transmission as a lubricant to ensure that the many working parts are not damaged due to friction and intense heat. In doing its job the transmission fluid can collect a lot of debris and as such needs to be changed at certain intervals. Let our trained and experienced mechanics at Autotex take the hassle out of transmission servicing with a professionally done transmission flush at our modern auto service shop.